Monday, October 6, 2008

Things Are That Bad

I had just finished my University degree. They gave me a lovely piece of paper and a new Volkswagon, and then it happend, i never thought they would make it this far but they did. The Mongol hordes led by Atilla himself had invaded Tasmania. How he got through the big gates is anyones guess, maybe a lazy gatekeeper or something. Luckily for us the Viscount had provided guns to every man, woman and child (thanks to a last minute vote in the senate the previous night.) The Mongol hordes spearmen and archers were no match for our magnums and colt45s, it was a massacre. During the skirmish i saw a four year old child highfive another four year old after what must have been a successful shot.
I dont know what happended after that i think i had toast.

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