Wednesday, February 18, 2009

While waiting for my turn

Right now I’m lookin’ at a beautiful thing, a large frigate, The Roseanne Bar burnin’ in the clear night sky.
What a sight, sails burning, and curling, and a night so crystal, I swear I can hear the stars.
Those burning bikie fucks ripped me off not 3 day ago, took everything I own. Said they was gonna stomp me if I didnt sit and be quiet about it. I knew they was gonna stomp me anyways, no way round it, so when the time was right I jumped an ran, hid in a hole til they was gone.
Sittin in that hole I got t think’n what an average guy could do t stop these scurvy hun bastards. I knew I was gonna run into em again and I knowd they’d want my skull. My head filled with ideas of murder and revenge, they drunk'd my sleep.
But now my heads clear’n’clean cos here I am watching all my worries burning away in this clear night sky and I full knowin I didnt have nuthin t do with it.
Old Parity, shes a lover ‘o’ mine.