Monday, November 24, 2008


Writers block is a bitch. I promise i'll be back soon.

Tuesday, November 18, 2008

The Malefactor (Zloumyshlennik)

I wake up running. The DMT is making my world look flat like through a window, this is the best way to see India when you really don't wanna be there.
The hospital has let us out on day release, me and Squizz took some DMT at the chicken shop and now I'm running.
Squizz disappeared, not sure were he is, don't even care, if i did wouldnt be much doin about it. A kid gets in my path, gets in my way and i skip him swiftly, no problem.
There's so much rubbish in india, my hospital smock is getting snagged on things, bins, scrapmetal hitten my shins. Stray dogs curse me and the wrestler that's chasing me, that Doc ain't gonna catch me I'm too high, too sharp, he's blunt like wet clay.
I can see a huge pyramid of boxes, I'm gonna go for it, just sixteen more steps, when I get to two I dive into the brown geometry with their hard soft right angles, scrambling through edges and planes I can see home on the other side.

Tuesday, November 11, 2008

Sometimes The Bar Eats You

So its been a week now since Jonas and I opened our new bar, Eightballs (jonas' name not mine) the first few nights were slow, just old people and tramps, which I dont mind, except when they use the pool out back.
By friday it was packed I couldnt believe it, the money, money, money was on my mind, we were rich I tells you, the calf paid outs, but getting a drink was a nightmare even for a co-owner. The back bar by the pool had seven barpeople, all of them very good looking but completley incompetent. I found out later that Jonas, had just found them on the dancefloor, so I fired them.
I wasnt huge on the crowd, it was half ravey kids and Harlem Globetrotter and the rest trashy, not my scene at all, but Jonas was loving it, dancing around being mr social. The music was quite good; Country and Electro, they even played that song from Nathan Barley. After failing to get a drink I stumbled outside and saw Andy, he had the same feelings as me so we went and had Pizza.