Tuesday, October 28, 2008

I'll Keep It With Time

The morning didn’t seem that different, except it felt like the late Renaissance. I hoped this feeling would pass before the afternoon. I had noticed the blackness earlier that week and payed it no mind, but now it was hard to ignore as it crept in from the horizon, enveloping tall buildings as it moved.
I was awoken to the danger by Colombo, who told me it’s over, that the storm was a blackhole. “Jesus” I thought, “At least that explains the Renaissance.”
I left Colombo and went to the sandwich shop by my house. I was meeting my friend Andy for lunch, which due to the distortion in space and time had come earlier than expected. Andy and I sat down and ordered some food , he had a chicken, I had BLT. He told me he was bored and needed a change of locale. This made me upset “Change? Change enough! This blackhole is gonna be the end of all!”
“Yes, that may be true, but I still need a girlfriend” said Andy. Andy’s reaction to the end was peculiar, as was everybody else's. Nobody seemed at all concerned, everybody just went about their usual business as a vast blackhole sucked up everything light first into it’s void. It seemed, from some of the people I spoke to, that they thought the problem was fleeting, which isn’t untrue I suppose.
After lunch I found a nice spot and sat and stared the blackhole, it was fascinating to watch, even meditative, seeing everything suck up into the blackness, like watching a sinking ship disappear into the sea.

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